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two tankas, two free form

and so I sigh a gentle breeze may cool foreheads with a kiss, ruffle a child’s hair, uplift a butterfly, sow a flower seed, raise a petal from gutter...
Gold cherry

about a motorway

about a motorway wh o tarmacked the carters’ track wh ere mummers danced with acrobats and pilgrims singing praises, telling stories, making babies,...

Grace and Joseph

Grace and Joseph silent messages spanned the infinity keeping Grace Gifford, spinster, (rumoured ‘with child’) and Joseph Mary Plunkett, bachelor, of...

to an absent loved one in a time of plague

to an absent loved one in a time of plague we will sit in my garden again gazing into the silted pond spotting crested newts and water boatmen maybe...

hook, line, and sinker

hook, line, and sinker we arranged to meet for a drink - as friends - in her favourite local bar ‘ it’s soigné and the beer is good’ as I walked her...