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summer lovin'

summer lovin' I fell in love with Hélène - two dizzy weeks in St Ives that might have changed my life Hélène dismissed our affair as a holiday fling...

Venus in a red dress (Dublin 1955)

Venus in a red dress (Dublin 1955) a Dublin book launch, tedious, (the ‘literati’ out in force) until a red-haired red-dress vision whisked my idle...

adultery 30s style

Belle holidayed alone each year, chose off-season months, she liked October, with Baedeker guiding her ‘Grand Tour’; Uffizi, the Louvre, and, even...

a Dingle epiphany - sometime in the eighties

a Dingle epiphany - sometime in the eighties rich for a change I set off on holiday heading wherever the fancy took me a poster in the coach station...

la chambre haute

la chambre haute her apartment was right above mine I loved to hear her footsteps and snatches of her radio she often woke me singing Piaf chansons...