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twister my mirror tells no lies I’m middle-aged, paunchy, balding, no big deal my Christmas dinner, chicken stew (with sprouts), is defrosting in the...


Carlos mum and dad took us strolling each weekend on the Cleveland Way to Boggle Hole from Robin Hood’s Bay with unwilling me, and sister, Cleo,...

Bloomsday plus one

Bloomsday ( plus one ) our Ireland tour turned sour - Roz had gone off me - (don’t ask me why) a sullen morning stretched ahead before we caught the...

the last toot

the last toot our words were few and far between, garden chit-chat over a cuppa after I struggled my cycle up the hill – its basket filled with her ‘...
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Tenebris Interlucentem (into the darkness… light)

'into the darkness… light' a winter Wednesday open-mic in a dingy pub in Pontefract or was it Halifax? I don’t rate poetry but if the beer’s good and...