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Trevor I glimpsed Trevor today, looking good, clean bedroll, spotless trackie top and bottoms brand new trainers, jaunty brown bowler over a...

growing pains

growing pains there’s a pack of surly black dogs snarling and hissing at my heels it scatters when I turn to face it, regathers when I’m feeling down...

broken home

broken home each night repeats the one before; get drunk somewhere, sleep with a stranger, or home alone, a sleepless night on a sheet-less single...


tragic our lives are tragic, starving artists overlooked die in poverty they are buried as paupers - then - too late - gain cult status our lives are...

May 8th 1945

May 8th 1945 the nation filled the streets waving flags in celebration - at last the bloody war was won brass bands belted God Save The King, while...