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to Juliette?

to Juliette I ought to ring you or send you a letter to tell you it’s over - that what I thought was love was no more than lust I want to say 'don't...

all flesh is as grass

all flesh is as grass the reclusive author in his favourite frayed rust corduroy suit (patched at the elbow) dozing in a wicker chair sighed as a...

reflections on 'Billy Liar'

reflections on Billy Liar why can’t I be happy like Julie Christie stepping from that lorry cab carefree - hair swinging loose to a background jazzy...

and so adieu

and so, adieu walking a desolate path covering ominous silence with burbled nervous nonsenses until in a pool of darkness between two lampposts’...

then we kissed

then we kissed I sat holding hands with a girl fire raged outside, fury despair and death but wrapped in love I sat holding hands with a girl.