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what the thunder says

what the thunder says weary of wine and cheese and washing sherry, I quit my job and headed west and further west till settling in Dunquin, on the...
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Kintsugi touring the Gaeltacht in a clapped-out Morris I was pretty much lost but that was fine by me - I’m one for serendipity as evening settled, I...

half a lifetime ago

half a lifetime ago half a lifetime ago I found god or god found me unexpectedly my wife was hostile to my faith so I said goodbye and walked a...


Topaz a sunshine towpath early evening waiting for the pub to open watching a pair of swans at swim in a world of my own until a pinstripe stranger,...

early morning coughing bout (haikus)

early morning coughing bout a cough, more coughing, a ticking clock, no birdsong, a pregnant waiting I tell myself to ignore the Jeremiahs - look on...