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Damage limitation

Damage limitation ------------------------- With a lover, but without another it’s to the other I always drift. Though no dramatic gesture, or even permission of God can heal a two year rift.

Henson comes back!

John Henson awakes, but which John Henson? And is the beautiful and distressed soldier at his bedside there to save or kill him??

The Tao of rachel dahan

Chapter 2 My bent knee was getting soggy in the moist earth, earth that would be soon be rendered a battlefield once the late enemy arrived and would most likely be a graveyard before they left. Through the golden shade of my helmet lens, I searched for Rachel Dahan hoping she would provide yet another diversion to the steady thumping of my heart. I did not have to search for too long. She was standing right in the centre of the second line. My spirit was forcibly raised at her sight, a soldier could not help but be inspired by the willingness of a commander to be amongst her troops in battle. If the worst came to the worst, perhaps I would be able to look upon her as I died.

Chapter 1 (edited)

Chapter 1 A moments reprieve and the spy prepared his nerve for what was next. A resounding shriek of laser scything into metal shot through his ears. Commander John Henson could not halt a lurch forward into his partner who huddled beneath his protective embrace. He heard Salome squeal as his jolted weight bore down upon her. Henson quickly collected himself and unburdened her and raised his head into a noxious mist of laser fumes. The spy snorted and spat out the smog but it had already embedded a sour taste in the back of his throat. Henson craned his neck up above the mist and found himself scowling at the quarter moon as it hung smugly above them.

Synopsis for Prisoner X

Guys would really appreciate your opinions on my synopsis. There's three novels on this story so far and i'm still going! But this is about the first one.