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I have 104 stories published in 17 collections on the site.
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J. A. Stapleton is the author of three crime novels.  His epistolary short story “Loyalty” was published by ESTRO in 2017.  His film reviews are available on Instagram and Facebook, with in-print weekly reviews published in REBEL magazine for the University of Essex.  He was recognised for his efforts and work exhibited in the Albert Sloman Library as a writer of the University. 

His novels are currently in the editing stage.  The Detective Lacey series span four books set in Los Angeles between December 1941 and September 1949.  His literary influences are Ian Fleming, Lee Child, Michael Connelly, Raymond Chandler and James Ellroy. 

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21:23, that evening – 02/09/67 “ Car 12k. Car 12k. Reported shots fired at Detective Caruthers’ Ford Mainline Sedan. Registration: Kilo Lima Hotel-...

First Diary Entry (No.12)

Diary Entry No. 12 28th April 1944 The first day of our assault was terrible. Sergeants Robson and Stephens were killed before we made it into the...

A Walk in the Dusk

You’re walking back from school. You had an hour’s detention with Mr Smith for not handing your English homework in on time – great; Mum’s going to...

Opening Letters

The letters and diary entries below were recovered in the midst of a clear-out at the residence of a Mr. Arthur Loveday, at his home in Kendal Avenue...


Frank glanced back in the direction of his brother, producing his 1911. “What the fuck are ya waiting for?!” the short funny character snorted. Frank...