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I have 821 stories published in 45 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 791148 times and 207 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Consequences - Chapter 11

CHAPTER 11 – Charles’ Diary for April 1 April FRIDAY Signed forms today so Rainbow Cottage will be ours to rent from 1 May. Great relief at having...

Consequences - Chapter 10

CHAPTER 10 – Mary’s Journal March 6th I wrote straight back to Charles, telling him how I had laughed at his chart of possibilities and then I told...

Consequences - Chapter 9

CHAPTER 9 – Charles’ Diary for March March 1 TUESDAY Sent a very angry letter to Mary last night more or less telling her to stop being so childish,...

Consequences - Chapter 8

CHAPTER 8 – Mary’s Journal February 28 I went to my room in the early evening yesterday, not able to take any more castigation from my parents. They...

Consequences - Chapter 7

CHAPTER 7 – Mary’s Journal February 27th Today Charles came to collect me for church at All Saints Pavement, and to all outward appearances, we were...