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A freelance playwright and writer.


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I contribute articles regularly to TEN MINUTES HATE

Currently working on a collection of short stories.

The time is now!

My stories

Mr Hormone

“Mr. Hormone”, that was what I called him. People like to say that he was a well-rehearsed guy with a chat up routine and lines, pre-prepared to...


The house was notably different when Samantha walked through the door. A complete change in atmosphere. There was normally always somebody inhabiting...


OPERATION An amputation, I guess that’s what it was. I had all the instruments commissioned and designed, To craft an ever so slight subtle cut,...

Yet Another Musical Star

Nobody is around, So, I CAN talk to you And of course, generally look down. Who are you anyway? I've forgotten your name. A spear-carrier? Oh, stage...

Passing Through

THE SON Mum, mum. THE ELDERLY WOMAN What love? Are you alright? THE SON Yes, sorry I was just… THE ELDERLY WOMAN Just what love. THE SON Nothing I...