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James W Oswick

Hello all,
I am James William Oswick and it has long been an aspiration of mine to finally bring some of the ideas in my head to paper. Despite this, I have always been very visually stimulated person, thus my education in Graphics. I used this drive to teach myself how to use Photoshop, as well as an array of 3D packages. As soon as time allows me to I intend to use these skills to create a cover for my working novel 'After Days' to help it stand out and give it some identity.

When I write, I like to listen to instrumental music, the kind that you hear during film trailers etc. Mainly, my go-to band are called Two Steps from Hell. If orchestral music inspires you, listen to them and I have no doubt they will become part of your playlist.

I currently have a full-time job so it is difficult to find the time to write, but the further I get into this book, the deeper i find myself getting involved with the world an its characters.

I hope that you enjoy my work and, if you'd be so kind, help me to develop it into a true reflection of the scenes that play in my head.

Many thanks,
J W Oswick

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After Days - Chapter 4: Part 1

Route 9. Route 8. Route 7. The boys ran as hard as they could back towards the hideout, all the while hoping that Ueda could protect them once they...

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“That look you gave Mamma back there, what don’t I know?” Asked Laza as he sprinted down wide, dead streets, throwing himself over abandoned cars as...

After Days - Chapter 2: Part 2

“Leave it, Leon, he won’t listen.” Ueda hushed, rubbing her scared but elegant hands in the fire ’ s warmth. Her skin was pale even with the blotches...

After Days - Chapter 2: Part 1

The sun had risen and set by the time the boys found shelter, probably. The stairway was long, empty, quiet and dark, though this did not phase...