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I have 9 stories published in one collection on the site.
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The Drunken Skunk (part two)

Sam realizes that he must have appeared to drift off. “Ya Tony…..” pausing briefly in an attempt to recover his senses, “Just thinking about going...

I sob when I'm alone

I lay here in the bed Lost in the never said Try to mend the broken Left hurt by the spoken My heart is in the cold Didn’t mean to I am told I can...

I See You

I see you I wonder if they see what we do If they could see through my eyes Would they see the hate and lies Is it what I feel that makes it seen Not...


I stand here now looking back on where I have been The road took twists and turns Sometimes barely visible or grown over I kept putting one foot in...


The weight on my heart I'm not sure where to start Tears begin to fill my eye I'm not even sure why Why can't I see Why can't I let it be My vision...