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I like to write. Sometimes I write what I see in dreams, and other times I dream of writing. And then I wake up and forget what I wrote. It can be frustrating.

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War makes insomniacs and bad poetry

I woke up and 4 am last night, my stomach in a knot over the news of the last week. This poured out of me on the Notes app on my phone. I always turn to poetry when I'm anxious, I find it unfiltered and visceral. It's neither good nor reasoned, but that's okay, it's one of my best therapeutic tools.

Stop the walk

A small poem about how tiring resistance can be.
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Come meet the women of my land

When I think of 'Island', the first thing I see is my island. My Sardinia. My land. And the women of my land. Our story and our geography. Our hands on the waist. Island to me means home.

Doing yoga in my living room

Doing yoga in my living room the teacher and I, oceans apart (Literally, she is in Cambodia, Showing miles of beach and castles of foam) I struggle...