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I have 597 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
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Aren’t words apt?

Blue and battered falling… like leaves Aren’t words apt; hollow in feeling? When, you’re rummaging-depth of seaweeds, Drowning; besides mermaids a merman ever sweetly.

Mine is the voice off all things

I am a seagull and all your creations Are as a sea wave beneath my wings So, Lord Mine is the voice off all things Traveled, together in you… Lord. What is the meaning of all this evil?

Tradition systematizes all strength in size

All hunting packs on earth are different But we’re all hounds nose to ground… We’re all here for the first time, Scenting blood; like a blood hound.

Until I follow you

Love hangs upon a star But it’s equally as scared As a ministering moon, Whose prayers go unaired? Who’s absent hope abjection? Cries a harbor light! “Love me, land on me soon.

Why, dandelion it isn’t easy…

Why, dandelion it isn’t easy to lie down In these weeds and fall in love We don’t all have to be golden, Stoic, and upright; shoulders above. To fall like a seed-head