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I'm in a hurry to make it to the job interview with all the documents I could find. I get there and I'm seated in the seats behind, a tall and pretty woman.

Perfume bottle

Yesterday was mixed with pure emotion I tackled my self with defence of motion I arrived as innocent as I left but the door was left unopened


What's that? a Cat A Cat with no tail? yes, don't touch it dear it's ever so fragile it makes a purr and meowing sound where's the owner mum? there nowhere to be found.

To my beloved

The day I set eyes on you was love at first sight, things started quickly and was a fright but later on it led to loving dreams, a baby boy and a marriage as it seems


Unendingly I mourn my precious mother Who told me in this letter? Not to grieve and make peace Then things will begin to get better But she is not here She does not sleep