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A Day of English Law.

Fag gaspers lurk at the entrance bin, security scanned each time they come in. Detector gate wand alert! Give up your stuff, aggro-avert. Pull out...

The Pine Trees Of Treblinka.

Birds don’t peep, peep Polish pines still weep, weep at Treblinka... Looking down on the souls in the clinker. To camouflage, cloak, keep secret a...

Manchester Tears

Teen-fans brim full of Ariana, young sons larked, popped pink balloons, Promenading Princess’s pirouetted, pranced, rushed out to tell proud Mams and...

The Night the Christmas Trees Cried.

Hans and Gerda treating their kinder, blow on roasted chestnuts from red hot cinders. Fairground organ pipes up carolled tunes, Silver palmed Romany’...

Every New Moment...

Every new moment I look into her eyes I am lost... in her soft summer aura, she sweetly breezes and squeezes through old, cold, bare-branched trees...


1 of my comments has received 1 Great Feedback vote

1 Vote

Wonderfully written

Posted on Wed, 31 Aug 2016

So difficult to get the emotional balance and imagery right on a heart-rending subject but you achieved this beautifully. A great tribute to the city of Gaziantep.

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Posted in The Grief of Gaziantep.