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Thoughts in the Middle Watch

The middle-watch 0000-0400 hours. A lonely time when things play on a man's mind.

Bear and the Birds

The First Nations of the U.S. and Canada have many stories that link the sky and earth. The following rhyme was inspired by one such tale told by the Micmac people of Newfoundland relating to Ursa Major

Johnny England

Do the Brits care more about animals and trees than they do about people?

The Goat's Tale

Summary The Goat’s Tale... Puck Fair, Killorglin Co. Kerry, where in August a wild mountain goat is crowned King Puck by a young girl who then...

Truthward Steer

Truthward Steer Who knows the right and wrong of foreign wars with truth so hid that none can tell the cause? For fact and fiction come in strange...