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Sam. smoky dingy café, workmen shout and curse. She floats among the tables tending like a nurse, pauses when she sees me, breaks into a smile then...

Why do I Wait

Why do I wait? Why do I wait until my lovely friends are dead before I trace to ask how well they fare? Do I delay to reminisce those half-forgotten...


Announcement "State the fact," he tells the board, "announce mid- morning without warning, too late then to retaliate. Say, 'Times change, so on your...

Lost Soul

Lost Soul We’ve gathered here to say goodbye to yet another boring guy, kept on yelling for attention till it gave him hypertension. Now in the box...


TENERIFE Two lovers by the ragged strand once trod the sooty sand; slender maid with raven hair, fisher boy of bronze; the dazzling sun a gold...