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StoryTones of Time PoetonaHill18 months 1 week ago
StoryTones of Time PoetonaHill01 year 10 months ago
StoryQ&A PoetonaHill21 year 11 months ago
StoryAutumn Leaves Must Fall skinner_jennifer212 years 1 day ago
StoryA Perfect (Political) Storm Rhiannonw42 years 4 days ago
Storystorm cooking Di_Hard132 years 4 days ago
StoryUnknown Girl PoetonaHill132 years 4 days ago
Story Missing You skinner_jennifer152 years 2 weeks ago
StoryMemorial Rhiannonw82 years 2 weeks ago
CollectionPoems skinner_jennifer22 years 2 weeks ago
StoryShe Haunts Me PoetonaHill42 years 2 weeks ago
StoryTaj Mahal PoetonaHill12 years 1 month ago
StoryMirror World PoetonaHill202 years 2 months ago
StoryBeware the Shadows PoetonaHill12 years 2 months ago
StoryWhat is this life Parson Thru122 years 4 months ago
StoryTranscription Squiggles Rhiannonw92 years 4 months ago
StoryThe Singer PoetonaHill62 years 5 months ago
StoryHearing Merlin skinner_jennifer102 years 5 months ago
StoryEffort & View Rhiannonw112 years 5 months ago
StoryTo a Friend PoetonaHill52 years 5 months ago
StoryCaithness PoetonaHill62 years 7 months ago
StorySam PoetonaHill52 years 7 months ago
StoryThe Barmaid PoetonaHill22 years 7 months ago
StoryPostcard from L4 Parson Thru82 years 7 months ago
StoryAll change here Parson Thru52 years 8 months ago

My stories

Tones of Time

A love Story

Tones of Time

Just a love story


The eternal question...
Gold cherry

Unknown Girl

A true story...

She Haunts Me

I saw two butterflies having a punch-up over my cabbage. If butterflies fight, what chance have we?


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Posted on Thu, 09 Jun 2016

Hi Rhiannon - It's great the way you have discovered so much folk history in a single working sculpture. Love it. Charlie

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Posted in Memorial

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I like this. It says so much.

Posted on Tue, 09 Jan 2018

I like this. It says so much. Guess it's the way life is, was and ever shall be, amen. It's the nature of humanity. Could be a fear of  difference that brings out the bully in people?

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Posted in The Dream

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This is beautiful, Poppy. I

Posted on Tue, 28 Nov 2017

This is beautiful, Poppy. I was there, on the beach... birds, hills, firth and shore. Thanks.

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Posted in The Beach