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Before Work

Sitting in my comfy chair Among the trees that once were bare Leaves of green, in different hues My garden with its distant views Blossoms both of...

Gods Garden

Written for my Nephew who sadly took his own life a short while ago. GOD’S GARDEN God looked around his garden and found an empty place Then looking...

Cuppa Char

Cuppa Char Who would think that Chimpanzees Would help to change my mind From drinking all that other stuff From beans you had to grind That first...

Touch of Winter

Jack Frost on my window Snow lays on the ground Stars still twinkle way up high And Moon shines all around Everything is frozen The birds can’t get a...

Winter's Scene

Winter's Scene 01 January 2014 11:30 Icicles like needles hang From branch and window sill A garden that was green and bright Is now a sheet of...