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Thinking Back

Thinking back on years gone by While laying in my bed The thought of going back to school To lessons that I dread Maths and science, History too...

Dingle Dell 2, Home again

Welcome home Elfroy they cried Elorien standing by my side I looked into her eyes so bright A tiny tear fell out of sight A welcome like I’d never...

Natures Best

Clouds come by and cover sun Rain falls and rabbits run Birds find shelter in the trees Hives will shelter Bumble Bees Insects also look for shelter...

A Spirited Walk

A Spirited Walk The night was damp the air was cold They walk among us, we were told. A guided walk through City streets We could by chance a spirit...

The Affair

No my dear it’s just not true, I’ve only ever slept with you Other women that I’ve known Affection’s all they’ve ever shown Now I stand before you...