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I chose to take the Ghost walk with a guide from Peterborough Museum. These were held once a month and were especially effective on the dark nights...

A spirited walk

The night was damp the air was cold They walk among us, we were told. A guided walk through City streets We could by chance a spirit meet Our guide...

For Brenda

Although it was years before we caught up again, I never did forget the friendship that We all shared. I’m just so glad I managed to catch up just in time.

The Gift

The miracle of life is ours, to use as best we can To make the most of what we have upon this wondrous world Then seek a path to take us where its gifts to us unfurl

On the Coaches Part 2

On the Coaches. Part 2 Firstly, May I wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. A year full of Love Peace and excellent writing by all of you,