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On the Buses (My version) Ch 5

Ok, here we go. Back on the road again after a couple of out of hours activities which I hope you enjoyed. I forgot to mention in my last episode the Sunday service operated by the 124s.

On the buses (my version) 4

Before I get on with my next change of route, there are a few things that should be mentioned about London Transport that made it a pleasure to work there.

The Goblins Tale

We Goblins sat there on the stones Amongst the twigs and old pine cones Smoking pipes we’d made from wood Stuffed with dried out leaves, smelt good. We moaned about the days gone by

On the Buses 3

Here we go again. Training completed, test passed, Uniform & Staff pass collected. All I have to do now is report to Catford Garage on Monday and a whole new way of life begins.

Dingle Dell

I took a stroll through Dingle Dell A little wood that I knew well The trees were tall and flowers wild I used to play there as a child It was just as I remember