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I have 39 stories published in 4 collections on the site.
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Maria She was born in a Mexican prison Nestled at the breast, her mother cursing cockroaches in the dark. She was taken and raised by the nuns in the convent courtyard she closed her eyes,

The Governor and The Mourner

A bit longer and more detailed than my usual stuff but hopefully worth a read. It's still under construction so crit. would be especially it interesting, believable? Thanks :)

A Man

I noticed the slurring and swearing, the white beard, all yellow around the mouth. The jacket pocket bulging and the neck of a green plastic bottle sticking out. I could see its contents sploshing around inside.

Maintaining Excellence in Credit User Services (MECUS House Longterm Facility)

We are here because we are naughty. We are here to make good. Georgie went and shacked up with her man. But oh dear. Didn't do her Change of Circumstances did she?
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I live here in Lancaster House now. I collect clocks and I am fifty-fifty one. I always forget which one it is. I came here because Mum died. She died and we put her in the ground.