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I have 39 stories published in 4 collections on the site.
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Marion Hammond


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Never met a man so uncomfortable in his own skin and I love him. That makes me a nutter. Didn't work that out for myself- I've been told enough times.


They are celebrating a murder whooping and cheering like New Year’s or the Champions League like fresh death takes the sting out, makes old death softer, somehow sweeter

Twenty Million Five Hundred Eleven Thousand One Hundred Forty-nine

One thousand five hundred and twenty nine products to clean your sink Five thousand, two hundred and seven brands of toothpaste I am not satisfied.


It's going to take more than a bloody bunch of grapes you say you care though. They will sit there going yellow. Neon fat with sugar. Bursting their skins flirting with fruit flies. Sweet


Embellish his name clean it polish it shine it up just a little bit please reach down pull it from the mud- isn't that the kindest thing a person could do? say something