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I have 14 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
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Catherine Byers

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Cinquain, ABCB Poem, Two-Stanza Poem:AABB, Haiku

Cinquain In the Meadows Canna lilies Exquisite, intriguing Amazing, surprising, stunning Cannas have vivid colors. Flowers Poem: ABCB Poem Look at the Leaves

Question Poem, Adjective/Emotion Poem, Metaphor Poem

Question Poem Rainbows Rainbows, You are an awesome sight. Why do you stay hidden in the rain? If I were you, I would flash across the sky. Adjective/Emotion Poem Freshness

Biography poem, 5 W's Poem, Line Poem

Sequoia Dendron Humongous, ancient, scarce and coppery-brown Son of Cupressaceae Lover of sunshine, aqua and breezes

The life of a tree

I’m like a tree. At one point, I was a tall, sturdy oak. I had all my branches and I was as healthy as can be. My leaves were full of green.

Memories are forever...

Recalling our memories I smile. Whispering your name under my breathe, I remember the day you left. My sadness goes on for miles. Though my days are filled with rain,