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Cleaning the pen

Rust eyes, ears tufts - wise Rani perches , half-closed eyes, buoyant Rocky flits Kneeling on dark sand, marigold hands my wild heart takes flight...

Snow mootion

Aye sir sure as Glasgow rain, swear tis no joke Highland cattle are rattling down the slope Aye, they’re wearing red bandanas and very, long skis...

Under a yellow moon

Under a yellow moon, on the sandy beach kicking the gentle surf, heat of the day fading away White egrets flying to the pond to sleep, bat's...

Winter be gone

Winter be gone May again see glorious views from mountains, venture through lush green wooded glens Spy shy deer and rare feisty wildcats and pine...

American guru stole my mind

American success guru stole my mind Tell you been getting comments, looks down in dour Cardonald Every time I open a door I bring joy to the room...