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Along the bank of the Dee (Chester)

Across the ancient bridge, down the steps….. Away from the traffic’s steady thrum and the weir’s relentless rush On past the water wheel… At last I...

Shitty day in Peru

I was watching story telling videos when I came across one of a lady who had planned to commit suicide but instead found solace in a book. A friend...

Kill shot

Kennedy from his vantage point on the roof half a mile away could clearly see the kill zone, apartment 9b. His brief had told him who the mark was, a...

Searching for the purple tarantula

We arrived at the cloud forest Los Cedros, Ecuador, at night Our luggage carried by disgruntled mules Quickly we retired, having fought many...

Poetry spreads its tentacles

Poetry spreads its tentacles into every nook and cranny and heart mostly with warmth,humour, kindness and love not like a Kraken from the murky depths