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Bob mindful of the extreme exploits of wild swimmer Lewis Pugh, his three hairs like antennae stalked the frozen meat product counters with added zest

Sea and shore

Alone on shore, waves are no crashing bore Their height and force excite me, if I enter may even smite me Far out, I wonder what lies beneath and...

Garganta del diablo Iguazu

On the wall billions of gallons of jagged water rush down the Devil's Throat, spume rising higher than the half moon falls Reminds me that adventure...

Carried away

Carried away on a golden eagle's wing Soaring over bens, lochs and isles, my spirit sings From imagination hope springs

Gnawing loneliness

Gazing through my barred window at stout bobbing magpie and nut-laden squirrel on the grass Suspect only far-sighted creatures know gnawing loneliness