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By the babbling brook (haiku)

By the babbling brook, The whispering sea, you may Get carried away

Startled from Wordsworth's dreams

I wistfully rowed upon strreams quivering with moonbeams, carried away by Wordsworth's dreams Whence startled by beautiful poetry in a tree, a leafy...

Tropics on the wall (haiku)

Tropics on the wall, white sand, azure ocean, want to dive into you

Feather mist sweeps fells (haiku)

Feather mist sweeps fells Rapt, autumn's hues sharp relief Chilled, techno's ooze ceased

Old Man

I saw the drunken shrunken old man slumped at the bar Do you wanna a drink? He asked me with a whisky soaked stammer I said a beer, noticed then his...