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The Wedding Picture

This image was sent to me out of the blue the other day by my mother via Facebook Messenger. It seemed somehow incongruous that a snapshot from a...

The Great Tea Wars (2001) – a Modern Parable

It would be an over exaggeration to claim that Ian was delighted when Linsey offered him a cup of tea. Delight was really not the word. Nevertheless...

Dan's Dead

It was a dreadful, barren windswept January morning that made you feel like putting a match to your teacher’s petrol marinated underpants just to...

Lonely as a cloud

Lonely as a cloud I wandered lonely as a cloud, That floats on high with ne’er a sound, And all around was nought but blue, And now and then a star...
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Rubber soles – the shoes from hell

It is the summer of 1976. The long, hot, scorching summer of 1976. It is the dawn of punk and the inauguration of an upsurge in safety pin sales...