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My sterile prison cell. Life on a hospital ward

When I was younger I got drunk one night end ended up in a police cell. As I lay on the solitary piss-stained bunk I looked up at the ceiling of the...

Red Christmas – A simple tale of blood and torture

PART 1 It was Christmas morning in London. That is to say it was raining fiercely and there wasn’t a flake of snow to be seen this side of the South...
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Nice to see you

Nice to see you It was twenty-three years ago when I last saw him. His eyes were closed and an oxygen mask was strapped to his mouth. His magnificent...

Hate Thy Neighbour – Racism In The 1970s

When I was nine years old my parents did something to me that I would never dream of doing to a child. I know this because I was talking to my wife...