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Lonely as a cloud

Lonely as a cloud I wandered lonely as a cloud, That floats on high with ne’er a sound, And all around was nought but blue, And now and then a star...
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Rubber soles – the shoes from hell

It is the summer of 1976. The long, hot, scorching summer of 1976. It is the dawn of punk and the inauguration of an upsurge in safety pin sales...
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My gals call me Sweet Dick

At ten o’clock on the morning of 7 March 1989, wearing the first suit I had ever purchased in my life, I began my new career as the boxing...

The death of a long forgotten girl

Her name was Sarah Campbell. She was pretty and blonde and intense and had no small talent as a sculptor. She was in her early twenties when she died...
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My visit to a shrink Part 02

For anyone out there interested (and I’m not entirely sure that even I am interested) I visited my therapist for the second time on Monday. (Although...