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Rob Wheeldon

His photo is ,over ten years old its my portait of Dorain Gray you youthful good looking bugger. Never judge a book by its cover

My stories

Music of the collapsing spheres

The black light of creation Forms the rainbow of the sky And from the dust comes heat That illuminates the sky One twin escapes and one returns And this is how the wheel is turned

Holily Cloth

Poverty gives you holily clothes Mainly because you cannot afford new clothes

Free will and determinism

Harder to work out Than which one is Ant And which one is Dec

Noh theatre

Change through action This is drama Change though inaction This is karma Returning to the world this is dharma The unenlightened keep council with death

Dyslexic wage slave

Oh god get me out of here If you are poor And you can't spell The education system makes your life a hell You may leave school With nothing at all Into a world, that wants make you crawl