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Valentine’s Day

Can I kiss you? He asks in the darkening car park By the puddles of oil-covered rain I rewound to the bench in the square To the way his eyes didn’t...


White light flickers In the sage-scented room She draws three cards Inhales through glittery teeth Silver charms wink from her wrists Angels in dark...


Sunshine days You fool yourself With ghosts of meaning Existing in smiles Show me honesty in your teeth In the humid air between these pillows Show...

I Give You My Heart

I give you my heart To wrap in glass Stash it safely on the roof Let it freeze Let the wind toss it Like flotsam On a gravel beach Carry it in an...

Kiss Chase

At first we scattered Hesitating to find soft lips Wet with milk And salt n vinegar crumbs Squirming hostages Offering rosy cheeks or daring mouths...


1 of my comments has received 2 Great Feedback votes

2 Votes

Hi Luigi, this isn’t a repost

Posted on Fri, 17 Aug 2018

Hi Luigi, this isn’t a repost. I’m actually this chronically awful at relationships, so my work has developed a solid theme over the years! Thanks for reading my ramblings! 


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