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Sometimes I wake as a goddess Commanding storms with fistfuls of thunderbolts Sometimes a wild child Climbing trees to the stars Tethering galaxies...


On the Travelodge roof 14 pigeons Bask in the gutters Queuing for the morning Close together, cooing Fluffing feathers gritted with mites I take a...

A Casual Fling

As long as anyone doesn't get too serious He types to me Devoid of emotion A wipe-clean relationship A friend with benefits Weekend sex A hangover...

Closing the Wound

I ripped my soul To show you Where my heart is I tore deep Clawed flesh Pulled wiry strings From within Seams that can’t be sown Carefully together I...

I Can’t

I can’t Do this to myself again I can’t be that girl The 6 week girl The ‘this’ll do fo now’ girl Pain upon pain I’m fine No honestly, it was just a...


1 of my comments has received 2 Great Feedback votes

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Hi Luigi, this isn’t a repost

Posted on Fri, 17 Aug 2018

Hi Luigi, this isn’t a repost. I’m actually this chronically awful at relationships, so my work has developed a solid theme over the years! Thanks for reading my ramblings! 


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