Beat around the bush

My newest stories. Nothing fancy, just what I do.


*sobs heart out* This collection is really amazing. Summer Rain had me crying my eyes out, so did the one called Sleeping in a Car or something like that. I've just been reading straight through all your stories, they're just so good, I really hope they all get published in a book some day. (: You deserve it.

--Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.

Kristopher% First, tank-you for the comment on my writing. I just read your story, I like it, escpecially your theme of redemtiom. Your ending was good Tom giving the quarter to the homeless man, I look forward to radng more of your work. Inthe meantime-keep writing.


Kristopher%hey, pardon the typos tanks-thanks and radng-reading.



A lengthy comedy, but one of my favorite latest works. Without a doubt one of my more unique comedies, which is a big deal considering my track record. Any comments are greatly appreciated.

A Family Affair

Dedicated to my Uncle and Aunt. --- "Mr. Krpec my name is Dr. Sanders. I work at the recovery center your son is residing in. I regret to inform you that your son has passed away."

An Adequate Man

My name is George Fuller. I am completely normal in every way. My qualities reflect my mindset, which in itself wreaks of "mid-rank". I drive a used Toyota with thirty thousand miles on the odometer.

An Experience.

I asked Jonesy that night, what was it like, to know that you're dying. "It's great. He told me. Because every moment, from now on, will be cherished. Every laugh will be beautiful. Every kiss will be the sweetest. Every tear will be the hardest.


My father is a large man. Larger than a normal man. He's very important. People say so, but they don't need to. I can tell he's important. He knows so. He wears a uniform.


“Have you been drinking again, Mr. Barrow?” “A little.” “How much?” “Enough.” Eyes red. Shining. Clock ticks behind.

Death's Visit

A man meets Death for the second time and throws a piece of toast at him.

Have you ever Slept in a Car?

December 2004. A few days until Christmas. It had been almost a month since my mother and I had left our old apartment. We now slept in our car. Yes, it’s true, we were homeless. (re post)

Summer Rain

The metal burns my hands as I tear it away. I snatch her up in my arms, holding her limp body close. I only hear the harsh buzzing of static as I approach the crowd. (edit)

The Fairer Side of the Sunset

So this is how it happened. Listen and listen close, because I fucking hate questions. So I’m in North Bend Hospital cleaning out the bed pans of dilapidated grandmas...

Ding Dong. You're Dead, Dan.

He told me he was going to kill me. And he seemed very serious. At least I think he was, I really wasn't paying attention. I figured he was joking. But then he killed me.

The Most Awesome Story Ever

There once was a man who was awesome. Everywhere he went people would bow down before his awesomeness. "He's so awesome!" they'd cry. "Hail the awesome one!" was another shout.

Go to Hell

It was a formal looking sign. The kind of sign that says "Hey, look at me. I'm better than you" to all the lesser signs of the world. -Welcome to Hell. No smoking, please -Ningún fumar, por favor


Where does paradise lie? In the shadow of the swords. The remote is light, cheap plastic and wires, but it feels heavy in my hands.

The Benefits of Being a Smart Ass

Today I bullshat my way through AP English 4. I'm very good at it, bullshitting. In fact, you could almost say I'm an expert in the art of bullshitting.

My Father Was Buried

My father was buried today. It was a quiet affair. The buildup to the ceremony wasn’t particularly suspenseful for we’d been expecting it some time.