Better than 90% of dross


Your New York journal was a very enjoyable read, and provided an interesting view of the city that I tend to either accept or overlook. Next time you're in NYC, be sure to explore the area around Union Square carefully. There are some really good hole-in-the-wall places around there for good food cheap and lots of rock music. “This age thinks better of a gilded fool than of a threadbare saint in wisdom’s school.”

Those that tremble as if they were mad

This is, without doubt, the most pretentious thing I have ever written. Also, fanfiction.

Adventures In Drilling

Sort of a silly little story that doesn't really go anywhere.


First of two stories written for the Machine Of Death anthology

Conversations With Raul

In which the narrator has four conversations with Raul, two short and two long, and one conversation with a girl, the details of which are not given.

Imagine How Slow They'd Go If They Didn't Honk!

In which Dan goes to New York, and New York fails to notice.

Knocked Sideways

Second of two stories written for the Machine Of Death anthology.


Keeping the wolf from the door.

Moby Dick as a Limerick me Ishmael