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Making women feel Shit.

I love women Having shared my life with an eclectic selection of them in varying shapes, colours and dispositions I'm aware of the common link that has bonded them all.

An Apology to all Northerners

April 5th 1994. Life was simple and my world was a town. Despite what was going on outside it, life was for living, everything made sense in my little bubble.

Beware of Dave

Recently some friends of mine told me that they expecting a baby. A regular occurrence, once you hit 30 plus, or over 13 in Brixham. This is usually met with congratulations and advice.

Bristol Museum, Fake Terrorist Attacks and JLS.

Bristol. It was the first day of October, the hottest day of the year and my daughters birthday. A visit to the Science Museum was top of her birthday wish list and hence the reason we were

Death and Justice in my Kitchen

As the blinking white light of a florescent tube cut into the darkness of my kitchen I caught a reflection of myself in the window.

Kate Middleton Sex Tape

One month ago, according to google image search Kate Middleton had never been seen nude. Not matter how you worded it. Or least not with the presence of a photographer nearby.

How to Annoy people part 1... Jehovah's Witnesses.

I would like to share with you a real conversation that took place between myself and two JW's a while ago. Ding Dong
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DIY Boy Band Kit

Congratulations!, you've taken the first step to stardom by purchasing the DIY Boy Band Kit.
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Having Sex for Fun

Amongst the golden hued memories of my childhood, I recall the summer of my ninth year.

What Women Want

Anyone taking the time to read this needs to know a few things about me. A. I don't like cats. B. I had a recent infestation of rats in my attic.