College years and other thoughts

Ambitious Tale of Fledgling Zeal

A poem based on a child's struggle to live up to his father's hopes

Bovine Saddness

Topical Poem on Foot &; Mouth in my area

Cry Out Loud

A poem about a friend, who like me, didn't finish his Final Teaching Practise.

Rocking Rocking

Rocking, rocking… Rocking, rocking.. Tick tock goes the clock Rocking, rocking… Thoughts that NEVER stop Rocking, rocking… Desperately dulling pain...

Ambitious Tale Of Fledgling Zeal 2019

Not only did I find a glaring typo in my original poem, but it made me wince. This poem was long overdue a facelift. Still in teaching, I have met students who really do beat themselves up over one missing mark. All power to the pursuit of perfection...

Tinys To Teen Terrors

I tried to capture the culure shock I felt when leaving a small Primary School to the massive Seconday School many children still experience at a delicate age of eleven