Family Life

Memories of a lifetime in Poetry,Flash and Short Stories



Another long new years day remembering. A time for nostalgia.

A Grand night Out

A life changing moment...

A sentimental Journey Back

A nostalgic look back at childhood in the form of rubaiyat

Battle Cry

one I wrote a few years ago for my eldest daughter Sharon when she fought and won her battle with cervical cancer. Thankfully caught early.

Battle Scars

couldn't let the victor go hungry could I?

Childhood Terror

A memory from the dim and distant past. The days of blackout curtains when even the moon wasn't allowed entry.

Christmas Get Together ( I.P.)

A villenelle, the perfect vehicle for repetition.

Circa 1961

Prose New Season comp'

War Time Convenience

Finding Family skeletons in dusty cupboards

To see the Scotsman..

A little piece of prosetry autobiography. Podge and Degs are my brothers. Circa 1947ish

Mending A Memory

Clearing the attic can sometimes be a sad experience.

The Last Time I Saw You

A life and love gone awry

Kilby Bridge

Based on a re-curing childhood nightmare. My Father died from wounds received during the war when I was just 10 months old and I never knew him. That fact has always haunted me.


Grandpa looked like a fat old walrus with his scruffy furry moustache chin-ward droopy, like yellowed tusks. Gnarled hands grasp an aged spade; booted foot poised mid air

Jumping In The Rain

just another Memory

Just Ain’t Cricket!

A childhood game of Cricket with my brothers Podge and Degs.

The Fried Egg.

A memory stirs

Night Out

Caught between thumb and forefinger and no will of my own...

Funny, Regret…

Always around, haunting, teasing.

Treacle Toffee

A memory from way back when.

I Can Recall

There are something you just don't want to forget, because memories are all that's left at the end of the day! (-;

Haute Couture

In reality her role Discreet

Dreaming Of Dead People

When this happens it's as if they follow you out of the dream.

My Sister The Cupid

The first meeting


The call was just too difficult to resist. A memory from childhood

The Tear

If only I had been there

Sonnet To My Father

The first sonnet I wrote before I understood them. However, purely for selfish and sentimental reasons I refuse to change a word of it. This then for remembrance day. Died from wounds in March 1944



Waste Of Space

An overheard conversation during a visit to hospital to see an elderly relative; not verbatim, just the essence of it.

The Accident

I can never eat a plum without this memory surfacing. Podge and Degs my brothers and partners in crime! Mu, my nick name.

The Wedding Photograph

Found recently, this little piece of treasure.

Leopard Spots

I've always been a bit slow on the uptake!

San Fairy Ann

Poor Mum! She knew she could never change her lot ...

The Way They Were

So many lonely miles apart.

Oh Joy!

Normal services will be resumed as soon as possible... A tongue in cheek look back.

To The Rescue!

To any Native Americans reading this poem.. There is absolutely no offence intended (((-;

Times They Are A Changing

A little peice of prosetry


Well.. nobody's perfect. A little piece of free verse


An imperfect Sonnet


A pet remembered

Smiggy And Me

A piece of autobiographical prosetry Warning: Contains the word golliwog.. No racial disrespect intended.

The Sinful Bite

A temptation too far!

My Mother's Husband

My Step Father... A parsimonious little man

With Honest Eyes

Looking back with honest eyes Edited , thanks to Jennifer.

One Last Time…

A Villanelle to my late daughter.

Tilting At Windmills

So much energy all gone to waste...

Moving On

A challenge entry on another site