As Far South As Down Can Go

My 2nd Collection

In Everything I Cant Remember

Slowly spilling into piles of dunes

A Walk In The Clouds

Let go of tomorrow and enjoy forever

Am I invisible

Just a face on the milk carton


Short poem


Thats when the shockwave hit me

Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight

Rear View Mirror

An old life behind but still in view

We Are

We chase shadows inbetween sunlight


A lone romeo

There Ain`t No Sun in Nightmares

There ain`t no sun in nightmares!


once belonging; had a purpose but now discarded

Open Shut

To fester on regardless Until the very end

Rapid Eye Movement

Thinking of the girl I used to love

Too Late

Its those moments at the end, when the realisation hits..


A view of addiction


Why is silence so loud yet no one hears it?

In This Farewell

There are no lies or hours spent


If the worlds a perfect place...

Out of Time

Are we just servants?

Run Away

I hope that they can understand

Alive Dead

When the dead are so exhausted From eternally raising from their sleep To live in the dreams I keep The memories of loss on repeat Reinacting the...

Ghosts of War (I.P.)

Ghosts of War Just look at us now As we build war memorials For those coming home alone To remember all those moments When their minds broke Leaving...


Spiral Is it too late for me to sell my soul to the Devil Is it too late for me to pray to God to keep this love from dying Is it too late for me to...