My Favourites

A selection of my poetry that I like most.

Sky Mountain Dragons

on seeing two Chinooks appear over the roof of my house

As One

Remembered lazy ache And Sunday smiles When the warmth of you Would quench my thirst And leave me breathless. As my dusk envelopes Your dawn

Broom Handle

there is a large broom handle poking through my chest it's really rather ugly I wish I'd worn a vest


Cardiff, as seen from the old Lloyds building in Clevedon.

Chipping Marsh

When I was last in Chipping Marsh I ambled by the beaming brook And dipped my toes into the lake That licky lake and nooky nook

10 perfect fingers and 10 perfect toes

cold white light and in the haze ten perfect fingers and ten perfect toes eyes forever closed mind screamed in corner cower and hurt huddled breaking...

a swan flies

a swan flies, floating on a pillow of impossible dream. secret magic and comfort lies and an ache of a none past fiction this green and pleasant land...