My Stories

oliver's new shoes

Oliver had some wonderful news, 'Cause someone bought him some new shoes. He put them on his little feet, and walked right on down the street. He...

A brush with the famous (Part 1)

Nigel had never been one for starting a fight. But on this occasion, grabbing someone by the neck seemed the obvious thing to do.

A brush with the famous (Part 2)

“In a roundabout way, my old mucker, the hopes of the entire nation or resting on your shoulders.”

A Medieval Saga

This saga was written by Lew, the cleaner where I used to work. Lew died a few years back. I post his saga in his memory.

The Buzz

I hate money. Didn't used to. But then again, I didn't love it either. The hustle wasn’t about money. Never the money.