my view of the world poems

the poet in me come out you see. when i see something in the world. a pictures , the way someone can be, lot of things just come out in me and i write them down you see.


for ruth graham

when bill graham wife died. i went on there website and saw a great pictures of her. and this came into my head

weep weep

Weep weep as you go to sleep The heart ach will never go away Thinking about the day When you went on your way Lost lost.. That all I seem to feel This sometimes feels so unreal


I write the words and what do I find Screens in my mind Of people singing and dancing and laughing Or people crying and saying oh go away that what I see in my mind when the words are at play

walk by

A weeping willow tree cries And rock shatter into a thousand pieces And I cry I see the cloud they look so grey I see an old man walking along I look into his eyes as I pass by

my brother

this is remember my brother who died six months ago age 51. not easy to write but he had a life and i am remember my brother tonight, this is for mick

ghost hunters

the great hall, and a ghost hunt. i think this is nice. its my poem from hallween. and its wont scare you.

i just so full of it tonight

if i knew what it was it would be great. dont you ever have times what you feel a bit happy, for no resason. well i think this is what this is about. please let me know what you think

i reach for you

I reach for you Yes I do I touch your skin Yes I do I run my finger over your hair I put my hand close to your mouth And feel your a Oh your sleep so soft I wonder what you dream


sleep its about sleep

one two

One two three four Never been in love before Six seven eight nine ten Oh this day wont come again Counting down Spinning around Wonder why Oh it’s the river of life Reach and scream


music was my heart... but now its going you taking it a part.... with each word that you say i am going away