My poetry

The Life.

Poem. Many thoughts converging as life.


One person, 365 days.

As I Lie Here Now

A poem I wrote in a fit of depression and anger and rage. Raw and moody.


An epic, stream of conscience poem.


A tense, spine-tingler.

Washed Away

Loneliness is the worlds primary killer.


A poem told backwards.

Love Is A Teenage Invention.

My first love poem. Tread on it softly, they are my dreams.

The Saddest Thing I Have Ever Seen.......off screen

A deeply emotional poem for me to put up. You're out there, somewhere.

St Patrick's Day

An Irishman's view.

My Hitch-Hiker

A poem about love and dreams-old and new-shattered and full.

The Universe/The Christmas Tree

The thought just floated into my head one day. I grabbed it before it could get away.

See Where Satan Showed His Skin

Something very different for me. Feel free to say if it's great or terrible.


Scientific God. Religious priest.

No Title

Your over-the-top love ferments in my stomach erodes innards strips layers from my heart and eventually spews out gnaws at your thick skin seeps in any crevice or orifice

Mount Grandeur

I'd appreciate any sort of response, critique, feedback, comments or whatever you want to say.