Who Knows

Who knows?


Little lengths of loopy liquorice Wrapped tightly around her finger

A Beautiful Kiss

Kisses like this only happen in movies Not to strangers, who only recently met Not to me But it did


Freely given Rarely Taken

Are You Out There?

A poem full of happiness and hope!

As The Music Played.

Deceit and betrayal hurt her bitterly, yet crying was not an option Instead she walked confidently attracting the eye of the many men The ballroom floor was full, yet as this elegant lady strolled through everyone wanted her


I wrote this poem after listening to a piece of classical music. The challenge for me was to make it rhyme.

Tied To You

I'm tied to you Even though you broke my heart You threw me away like confetti And forced our paths to part Deep long loathing And lethargic lust I'm tied in this misery


Sat on a box As it poured down outside I waited and waited And waited for my ride It came around fast That dreaded moving day Because I hated packing...


Spiralling into a dark deep hole The weight of my heart Pulling me down further My nails scrape at the imaginary walls Holding onto to something...