Secret Lives

A collection of stories that all revolve around people or things with secret lives or secrets in their lives.

Before Sleep

Flash fiction piece of what happens in the moments right before the protagonist falls asleep. Secret in the collection.

Another Tuesday Night

There's something...hiding deep down inside. I'm not quite sure if it should be considered Humour, Erotica or considered Miscellaneous. Perhaps a mix of all three? Secret 4 for the collection.

Familiar Strangers

The winter wind was wafting its way around buildings, kissing the cheeks of passersby with frozen lips. A secret in the collection.

Marlton Square

We all have secrets that worry us, haunt us, consume us. Often times, we're not who we claim to be. Secret Number 3 for the collection.

Street Phantom

I just couldn't identify with what was happening to him - just another one lost.

The View From a Distance

I felt like I was surrendering. Then, in perfect fashion, she smiled at me… the way old friends do when reuniting.

Reuniting with Big Nessa

It must be amazing to come to a high school reunion and say, rather honestly, that you are a dolphin trainer. If I didn’t know better, I’d claim you were a big fat liar.


I stood with slumped shoulders, roving eyes, twittering fingers, short, careful breaths.


I resign to the washroom, a place where I hope I can get a glimmer of freedom from you
Gold cherry

The Space Between

The Spaces between us can be vast ones.