Short stories

A collection of short stories.

Read My Mind

I clambered on to the bus, desperate to get my favourite seat at the back of the bus.

1942: Part One

It was the year 1942. The two soldiers dragged themselves wearily through the never ending stretch of mud.


Jeff and I lay under the moon, hands entwined, staring at the stars. Moments like these, I thought, are like gems. I will never let them go. Ever.

The Girl With the Book

She hugged the book to her chest. Years of pencil scribbles, random words that she had learned, not a scrap of the paper not used. There was only one page left.

Growing Up

I don’t think about Suzie much. Or at least, I try not to. She has a special place in the back of my mind where she taunts me, a blur of crooked...