Silly Stories

A collection of short stories. Some are about fairies, witches, goblins and other magical creatures. Some are about aliens. Some will be realistic. And others will be about diffrent other things.

Pet Worth. Part Three.

“Now wait just a minute,” Mum demanded. “You can’t just send us to a human pound to be given a lethal injection.”

A Day In The Life Of Bonnie:

7:00 AM: Wake up. Stomach growling. Breakfast time. Another half an hour until my mummy wakes up to feed me. 7:30 AM:

Auntie Mabel

Mum had nipped out to the supermarket to do our weekly shopping, leaving me to look after my little sister, Bonnie.

Carol's Christmas

“Are you coming, Carol?”

Christina The Christmas Fairy

We have a fairy that has been in our family for years.

Christmas Diary

Christmas Eve:

Christmas Jokes

1: Why did the Christmas tree get arrested? Cos it kept flashing 2: What did the elf go to study at college? Elf and safety. 3: Why was the elf in hospital? It caught Tinselitis.

Coffee Break

COFFEE BREAK “Coffee break!!!” Jackie suddenly yelled out.

Connected Spirits.

“We have a new girl starting today. Her name is Chris Senoj. Would anyone like to look after her?”

The Leprechaun's Money Bag


Invasion Of The Molly Hairs

It was Summer, and our collie dog, Molly, was moulting.

Hannah Baker And The Hedge Witch

It was three years ago that I found out my family were Wiccans and I had to train to be one.

Jewel Of The Jungle

“Come on, Julie, let’s go!!!” I groaned. Mum was going on one of her boring treasure-seeking jobs again.

Midnight Magic

Sarah, my best friend, passed me a note in Maths class. It read: “Are we still on for tonight?” I scribbled “yes” on the back, and handed it back to her. She smiled at me.

Never Been Born

“Can I go to a party Saturday night, please?” “No,” Dad answered, simply. “Why?” Sophie asked.

Never Been Born: Part 2

NEVER BEEN BORN: PART 2 “Can I go to a party Saturday night, please?” “No,” Dad answered, simply. “Why?” I asked.

The Curse Of The Mummy

There’s a river that runs at the back of our house. On really hot, summer days, I like to put on my wellies and go paddling in it. One particular day, I went to paddle in the river as usual.

The Crush

It all started back when I was in year eight at school. We had a new boy in our class, Tom Maffey. Even though he’d been at our school for a couple of days, I already thought he was cute.

The Yivian

I woke up in a dark cave. The only light I could see were coming from two flame torches hanging on the stone wall.

I Hate Christmas

Everyone around me loves Christmas, but I hate it.

The Object Thingy

I eyed it, and it eyed me back.


I died just before Christmas.

The Elves' Workshop

One night, I had a very odd dream.

The North Pole Versus Jeho: Part One; Nicky And The Bauble

“Nicky, can you go to the corner shop, we’re out of milk!!!” Mum called from the kitchen.

Rudolph The Red Nosed Stew

One Christmas Eve, Santa was starving. He knew he couldn't survive the night without something in his fat stomach. There was no food in the fridge, so there was only one thing Santa could do.

The North Pole Versus Jeho: Part Two; Mrs Santa And Jeho

“It all started a long time ago,” Santa began. “The North Pole has been around ever since Christmas has been around. But the town of Jeho has not.

The North Pole Versus Jeho: Part Three; The Battle

Suddenly, from nowhere, a great golden ball shot right past where Santa and I were lying. It sent Jeho and Leopold running, no doubt back to the town of Jeho.

The Christmas Card

19TH December 2010: “Mum!!! We got another Christmas card!!!”

Very Short Humorous Christmas Stories

I was sat around the dinner table with my family, eating a bowl of Christmas pudding. The slice of pudding I had on my spoon said to me: “Stop!!! Don’t eat me!!!”

Paul Or Carlos?

His car pulled up outside my house. He leaned over for a kiss, but I declined. “What’s the matter?” He asked. “You never want to kiss when we’re outside your house.”

Strangers In The Pub

I met him in the pub. He had dark hair, which was kind of floppy. His eyes were like melting chocolate. He sat next to me, and asked what my favourite drink was. I said it was a pint of Guinness.

Room 4

It happened on the night I was driving back home.

Room 4: Two Weeks Later

* Set two weeks after the original Room 4 story. This time, it’s a couple who witness the events of Room 4. * “Are you ready to go, Claire?!!” Andy called out.

The Legend Of The Old And Wise Blue Tit. Part One. The Bedtime Story.

“They say it happened many years ago, before you were born. Before I was even born, imagine that!

The Legeend Of The Old And Wise Blue Tit. Part Three. The New Legend.

As we got to the hole that led into the big nest, it disappeared. “Oh, no!” I gasped. “What are we going to do now?”

The Guilt Bump.

I stared at the little strip in my hand in horror.

Queen Miraza Rainbow. Part One. The Message.

I’m going to tell you this story, because it happened to me, and it sort of happened to Queen Miraza Rainbow of Robinson Land.

Queen Miraza Rainbow. Part Two. The Journey To Dark Land.

The next day at dawn, Queen Miraza dressed me in a long cloak that covered every inch of my body, including my face.

Queen Miraza Rainbow. Part Three. Dark Land, And The Journey To Queen Azarim's Castle.

Azzet clamped his hand over my mouth to stop me screaming out loud at poor Notna’s bloody body lying on the ground, now a dinner for a hideous invisible monster from Dark Land.

Queen Miraza Rainbow. Final Part. Happily Ever After.

Suddenly from nowhere, sprang what looked like a hundred guards. In reality, there was only six. Two grabbed me before I could get my sword and shield out to defend myself.

We Need To Talk.

I sat there at the dining room table, a steaming cup of tea, placed on top, a fag drooping out of my mouth where I was about to light it before I received a text and my mobile phone vibrated across th

Nelly And Sean

One morning at college, I was outside having a fag with my girlfriends. It was my birthday today, and while I was outside, I was showered with birthday presents and cards.

Our Grandparents' House. Part One.

It was half past ten and “The Wizard Of Oz” had just ended. It was one of my all time favourites, and I’d just watched it with my daughter. Now it was time to put her to bed.

Our Grandparent's House. Part Two.

We were in a wood. A pretty wood. There was a pool filled with bright blue water, and trees with bright green leaves, that sounded like they were whispering in the gentle breeze.

Our Grandparent's House. Part Three.

“What are you doing in the crystal ball Grandpa?” Peter asked. Princess Alda frowned at Peter. “The Grand One is your grandpa?” “Yes,” I replied.

Our Grandparent's House. Part Four.

My brother and I were both left reeling as Grandpa disappeared from the crystal ball. “This explains why Mum and Dad never wanted us to explore Grandma and Grandpa’s house,” Peter said to me.

Our Grandparents' House. Part Five.

“You go to the very edge of the wood, and in the middle of the green leaved trees, there are two purple leaved trees.

Our Grandparents' House. Final Part.

Both of us stood there for a minute, then Peter spoke up:

I've Got The Best Sister In The World!

I was having my morning cup of tea, when my sister joined me. “Do I have to go to school today, Char?” She asked.

Happy Mother's Day.

It was Mother’s Day. I had got up when Mum was still in bed to decorate the dining table for when she came downstairs.

The Servant And The Rose.

It all happened so long ago. I’m surprised I still remember the events of that day. I’m thirty now, and it happened when I was twenty. There was Mother, my sister Grace and I at home.

School Reunion. Part One.

“You’ve got post Darling,” Chris said, coming back into the dining room with all the letters. He handed three to me. Two were bills, but one was from Lennarb School.

School Reunion. Part Two.

I’d recently received a letter telling me about a reunion at my old school next week. I didn’t really want to go, never having got on with anyone while I was there.

School Reunion. Part Three.

I had just clocked out for the evening and I was now on my way to meet my girlfriends at our usual haunt to find out about their progress on finding out where the Irvell Bitch lived.

School Reunion. Part Four.

I was thirteen again, and back at Lennarb School. It was the beginning of dinner break, and I was on my way to the library, where I usually hid from everyone.

School Reunion. Part Five.

I couldn’t believe I was standing in the school gym that I hadn’t been in for about ten years. Back then, it looked so big, but it seemed a lot smaller now.

School Reunion. Final Part.

“Maria. Amy-Sue’s dead!”

School Reunion. Epilogue.

It was three years since that fateful school reunion I attended with my wife Char. The fateful school reunion where a few of Char’s former schoolmates had tried to play a prank on her.

The Easter Egg.

“Jenny! I’ve got a present for you!” I was up in my bedroom, listening to music, and Mum had gone shopping. What sort of surprise would she have brought me at the supermarket?

The Royal Wedding.

I woke up one Friday morning to the TV downstairs switched on, and the sound turned up really loud. I got out of bed and went down to the living room.

Pet Worth. Part One.

“Come on kids, let’s go!!!”

Pet Worth. Part Two.

“Oh very funny Steven!” Mum called out, looking past the dog. “That’s a really hilarious joke that is, dressing your dog up, and getting it to answer the door!”