Thoughts and Poems.

Short reflections and philosophies.

Safe Harbour

like a poet

A Shrieking mind's Inspiration.

On resorting to insanity.

artist's best Illusion

My thought on artists. On me too.

Box Art

On a trepident imagination.

Must Every Sun Always Set?

Short reflective poem.

In Compassion of Things Past.

the power of memories,


short poem on love(?). tell me what you think.

Poem Slam.

a poet's poem

the.... man. in the Moon.

This is something a bit different for me. I wrote it without thinking in about 2 minutes, so i'm not sure what to make of it. Please let me know what you think.

Player, Piano

Music and Life.

Eliot's Cup.

an involuntary reaction to T.S Eliot.

Epitaph of the Lost.

The epitaph I want to avoid

Ode to an Age Old Struggle.

An experiment for me; my first sonnet. On love, art and science. (written in the Alexandrine meter). feel free to critique...

The View from the Height of the Fence.

I hate answering questions about God.

Her Chandelier.

On beauty and wealth.

Spirit's kiss

On being tired, bored and uninspired. Don't let that put you off, though...

slit wrist sky

Beneath slit wrist sky scampers the empty wretch. Hunting down a Rothko Door between black-void alleys. Foul stench pools of blood fleck his grime embroidered rags and dregs of thought. Clicks

From the Park Fountain

From the park fountain Where the children drink, Lapping happily Between uncaring play And mothers' folded frowns. Dashing up ripples With little toy hands; Parachute droplets Wink in the sunlight

The Price of Milk.

Feel free to comment, critique, etc.

Untitled: a Haiku

Comments welcome as always.

Stop Now on the Bridge.

Comments very much appreciated.

Midsummer Madness

It landed in the field one day and Turned the grass to muck. A garish nipple on the countryside; Cherry, lemon, orange and cream

Of Fearless Men

First poem I've written in a good while.