Unordered Tales

Candy Craving

Sensual encounter with candy.

A Killing Rain

It was cold outside, and rain was still falling. It rained for days and it seemed that it would never end. The city's storm sewers were filled to capacity and flood waters threatened to back up and overflow out into the streets, but still, relentless, the rain continued to fall. Like the sound of large pebbles falling on rooftops, it fell and meandered its way along its natural gravitational path, unhindered and flowing from rooftops to gutter systems to down spouts, and out into the streets, not with a fury or rage but with a constant unending urgency. An urgency that only the natural forces of nature could explain, but would not. Meteorologists could find no exact explanation, but only suspected that modern industrial pollutants were to blame and man, not nature, was the cause.
Gold cherry

Comedy Socks

This is the story I read at the recent York and London evenings.

How To Build A Man

Entry for Vanessa Gebbie competition based on Alison Dunne (ivoryfishbone)'s poem.

Juggling For Mash

This came to me during a bout of flu. I think it shows.

Hope In A Strange Corner

A prospective entry for 100 stories for Haiti. Comments and serious criticism welcome.


A shock awakening and a life not quite complete.
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Simon The Frenzied Banana (IP)

OK, I think I've gone a little potty here but this came to me whilst mowing the lawn...